Reader’s Choice: Your Favorite Articles of 2022

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A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate your favorite articles from our Christ and Culture blog. You flooded our inboxes with your picks, nominating dozens of articles.

We tallied the votes. And, without further ado, here are your favorite articles of 2022.

1. What Is True Flourishing, and Where Can It Be Found?

What does it mean to truly flourish? Southeastern student Corinne Nelson explored this question, and her article was your favorite of 2022.

Here are some of your comments:

  • “This article helped me gain a fuller understanding of flourishing in this life and the life to come.” — Kayla K.
  • “Corinne’s research and analysis of Augustine applied to the question of human flourishing was accurate, relevant, and approachable.” — Bryson M.
How to Connect Faith and Work

2. Faith in the Workplace: Your Mission Is Where You Work

This fall, we placed a renewed emphasis on faith and work. Eric Wendt’s article explores how you can still find purpose and fulfill the Great Commission in your workplace.

Here are some of your comments:

  • “As one who works full-time and pastors part time, I found this article to encouraing and practical.” — David B.
  • “It inspired me personally. My work is similar.” — Dean S.

3. Christ Is Sovereign Over Your Cubicle

Does God really care about your 9-to-5? Gabe Magan says yes, and he offers tips to embrace your God-given call in the workplace.

Here are some of your comments:

  • “I sent it to my friends and family and they responded well to it and asked some thought provoking questions from the article. It was accesible, convicting, and most importantly it was thoroughly biblical.” — Cameron H.

Outside the Top 3

Some of you resonated with articles outside our top vote getters, but we wanted to share your comments.

Chad W. was a fan of the Rings of Power show, and he appreciated Anna Daub’s article, “Rings of Power: Sauron’s Call and the Way of the Servant King.” He writes,

  • “I enjoyed the reflection on the final episode of Amazon’s series (and the Tolkien legendarium in general). Connecting Galadriel’s temptation with Satan’s own efforts against us—leading us to embrace corrupt power for good ends—was insightful.”

Deric S. connected with our recent article “The Eternal Value of Cleaning My House,” by Megan Dickerson. He writes,

  • “This article stuck out for me because I do a lot of work around my house from cleaning to yard work to everything else in between on top of what I have to do for a living. I mainly used to view this work as drudgery; something I just had to do and not much else. After I took one of the free courses Southeastern offers called Work and Worship: Connecting Sunday to Monday, as well as some of the other courses, I began to see the real value in work, whatever work consisted of. This article reminded me of some of the lessons that course taught me. Work is not just something that needs to be done, it has God created value in it as we are working with and in God’s creation by being stewards of what He has made.”

And Wes T. not only enjoyed Karen Swallow Prior’s Article “16 Books on Faith and Art“; it was helpful for his academic studies.

  • “I am working on a PhD in Christian worship and always appreciate articles that expose readers to new resources.”

Thanks for nominating your favorite articles! Look forward to more new content in January 2023!

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