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What does it mean to be human? Academic disciplines answer this question in increasingly different ways. Yet how we define a human being affects every aspect of our world.

Join us as we advance the conversation at Exploring Personhood, a Faith + Culture Forum presented by the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on Feb. 10-11, 2022.

Meet Carmen Imes

Dr. Carmen Imes is Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University. Carmen is the author of Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters (IVP) and is currently working on a prequel entitled Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters. She is active on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and has appeared on more than 40 podcasts. She blogs for CT, InterVarsity’s The Well, the Political Theology Network, and at

Lecture Topic

The Rise and Fall of the Imago Dei?: Assessing Evangelical Theology and Practice

Evangelicals all agree that human identity and vocation are rooted in the creation accounts of Genesis, but the particulars are often a matter of debate. We’ll consider the recent work of several evangelical scholars on the imago Dei—Ryan Peterson, John Kilner, Catherine McDowell, and Richard Middleton—each of whom has clarified Old Testament teaching in profound ways. Building on their work, we will reassess the priorities of the contemporary evangelical church and suggest ways of embodying practices that align with Scripture’s clear teaching on the imago Dei.

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