#FaithandCulture Reading: Family Priorities, Bible Reading, Guilt-by-Assocation Tactics, Missions

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today, we highlight articles from Cody Cunningham, Lanie Anderson, Bryan Loritts, Rebecca Hankins and Keelan Cook.

Sorting Out Your Family’s Priorities

Cody Cunningham reflects on the importance of setting your family’s priorities, and he offers a helpful diagnostic to do so. He writes,

What our kids need from us more than a lifestyle of enjoying every comfort is to see what it looks like to carry our cross daily. They need to see that we actually believe that Christ is worth giving up everything for. They need to see that God’s powerful grace enables us to make sacrifices for the sake of Christ.

Let’s Stop Playing Guilt-by-Association Games

Lanie Anderson urges us to love those with whom we disagree in this article at Christianity Today. She writes,

I have noticed an uptick of guilt-by-association tactics employed on the Internet, and they are tempting when all around us people are dividing along tribal lines. But I am afraid this makes us as Christians poor thinkers and neighbors when we give in to guilt-by-association tactics too hastily.

Five Ways In-Depth Bible Reading Affects Your Life

We need to make time for what’s important. Bryan Loritts shares how he makes time for Bible reading in his own life. Here’s an excerpt of his article at Made to Flourish:

But the goal isn’t perfection, and instead it’s to press into God as we grow and sustain a relationship with him for the good of our souls and the flourishing of those around us. Things really are too crazy in our lives not to pray.

From our Sister Blogs

Intersect serves as the blog of the Center for Faith and Culture (CFC) at Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS). Take a few minutes to look at recent posts from our sister Centers:

  • Lilias Trotter: A Woman Yielded to God’s Will
    Rebecca Hankins: “[Trotter] broke many stereotypes of her time period, rejecting a successful career path, brilliantly organizing a new mission group initially made up entirely of women, recruiting single women to join her team, traveling throughout potentially dangerous lands, and engaging in debate with Muslim mystics.”

What other articles would you recommend?

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