#FaithandCulture Reading: Abuse, Gurus, Infertility, Generosity

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today we highlight articles from Greg Lawson, Samuel James, Cas Monaco and Art Rainer.

An Honest Look in the Mirror (Part 1)

Our friends at the Pastor’s Center have begun a new series on the abuse crisis. Dr. Greg Lawson pens this introductory article to the series. He writes,

A wake-up call must be communicated to ministers, lay volunteers, and anyone who has any connection to a Southern Baptist church. That wakeup call has come, and we should heed it.

Christian Wisdom Amid the Gurus

What’s behind the rise of “gurus” such as Dave Ramsey, Rachel Hollis and Jordan Peterson? Over at Letter and Liturgy, Samuel James offers a thoughtful take on this trend. Here’s an excerpt:

The ascent of gurus, especially ascent in Christian spaces, should not merely trigger polemics and dismissals, but serious self-examination as to how well our theology and institutions are speaking into these gaps, and to what extent the failure to speak into those gaps has created demand for biblically deficient gurus who can read the anxieties of the times better than many pastors.

Kingdom Women: Hannah’s Story

In this article, Cas Monaco reflects on the biblical story of Hannah and her family’s own journey of infertility. She writes,

I never realized, until reading this portion of the story, that it was okay to express raw and honest emotion to God. I tried so hard to keep a “stiff upper lip” and persevere through the tests, the disappointments, the humiliation, the misguided advice and the seemingly millions of babies being born all around me. Hannah taught me how to express my heartache to the Lord.

4 Reasons Why Your Generosity Matters to Your Kids

Parents, your generosity affects your children, as Art Rainer explains in this recent post at his blog. He writes,

Everything you do communicates something to your kids. This thought humbles and, sometimes, terrifies me. Your generosity matters. It matters to you. It matters to God’s Kingdom. And it matters to your kids.

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