#FaithandCulture Reading: Stewarding America, Loving the Land, Calling and the Alt-Right

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How does U2 challenge you to uphold liberty and justice? How can you love the land God gave you? Do you overspiritualize calling? And how have the alt-right misused a missionary principle?

Get answers to these questions and more from Kristin Brown, Dan Darling, Bethany Jenkins and Matthew Hirt in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

Stewarding America: U2’s Challenge to Uphold Liberty and Justice for All

What can U2 teach us about America’s responsibility to uphold liberty and justice? Kristin Brown answers in this article at the Institute for Faith, Work and EconomicsShe writes,

As believers, our hope transcends America; stewarding America well is not simply about sustaining the country itself but about doing our part within God’s grand plan for restoring all creation. Read More>>

Love This Land God Gave You

Dan Darling explains how Christians can honor their country without idolizing it. He writes,

The best way to hold these two values in tension is to know our priorities. The best kind of citizen is one who so loves his or her neighbor that he or she is actively involved in shaping the policies that will affect him or her. One who uses his or her voice to stand up for those who have no voice. One who loves people enough to share with them the good news that they can be reconciled to the God who loves them. Read More>>

Stop Overspiritualizing ‘Calling’

Bethany Jenkins charges us not to overanalyze calling in our own lives or careers in this important article at The Gospel Coalition. She writes,

Let’s not, then, overanalyze or overspiritualize “calling” in our lives. Our primary calling is to know Jesus Christ. That’s his resounding voice in his Word. Yes, in addition to his Word, he has given us gifts and talents — as well as prayer and community — and called us to different stations. But there’s no perfect job and, even if we love our work, we often only experience that in retrospect after years of deep labor, working heartily as unto the Lord. Read More>>

A Response To The Alt-Right Understanding Of The Nations

Over at our sister blog The Center for Great Commission Studies, Matthew Hirt explores how the alt-right hijacks a principle from missions. He writes,

Racism simply cannot stand under the weight of evidence against it in the Bible. Its presence in the church and in society must be firmly, forcefully, and unequivocally rebuked and condemned. The church must actively break down these divisions. It cannot be done passively or believed that the divisions will gradually break down on their own in time. Many of the walls built by the Romans still stand and unfortunately so do the racial divisions that Paul denounced. Read More>>

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