Weekend Reading (November 27)

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Every Friday, you get a recap of what others are saying about the intersection of faith and culture, work, economics and public life. Happy reading (and listening) this Thanksgiving weekend.

Russell Moore and Walter Strickland on Immigration
Southeastern Seminary’s Kingdom Diversity Podcast tackles the issue of immigration with special insight from Russell Moore and Walter Strickland.

C.S. Lewis and the Surprising Reason We Desire Fulfillment at Work
Spence Spencer explores C.S. Lewis’ sermon The Weight of Glory. He writes:

Meaning in our work is found not in our paycheck or basic productivity, but in the degree of love we show to others through our actions and attitudes.

Stop Pitting Security and Compassion Against Each Other in the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Russell Moore offers an even-handed, biblical response to the Syrian refugee crisis. This quote about sums it up:

It is one thing to have disagreement about whether the vetting process is adequate. It is quite another to seek to permanently turn our backs on Syrian refugees altogether.

Four Myths About Christian Political Engagement
Like it or not, the US elections are a year away. How should we engage in politics without compromising the gospel? In this post, J.D. Greear helps us answer this difficult question by debunking four popular myths.

The Great Barrier Rieff: Stemming the Tide of Destruction in American Culture and Public Life
Bruce Ashford tells us about “one of the twentieth century’s keenest minds” and explains how the progression of his thought offers “vital wisdom for evaluating American culture today.”

Spurgeon on Animal Cruelty: Our Treatment of Animals Is a Spiritual Issue
The ERLC’s recently released statement on responsible care for animals. Karen Swallow Prior reflects on the statement and claims that Baptists are simply returning to their roots. Case in point: Spurgeon.

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