#FaithandCulture Reading: Selfish Ambition, Exemplary Conservatives, Millennials in Ministry, Thanksgiving

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In today’s #FaithandCulture Reading, we cull a brief list of some of our favorite articles of the week. Today, we highlight resources from Bruce Ashford, Meryl Herr, K. B. Hoyle, Marie Burrus, Matt Rogers and Daniel Kaboli.

Fifteen Exemplary Conservatives

Which conservative leaders and thinkers have influenced Bruce Ashford? Here’s a brief list. He writes,

The fifteen people whose profiles I have sketched courageously opposed the forces of disorder that threatened to reduce their social and cultural contexts to chaos. Profiting by their examples, therefore, we folks at the beginning of the twenty-first century must rouse ourselves and defend the permanent things against those who would upend the social order in their attempts to achieve a progressive utopia of one sort or another.

Autobrakes and the Holy Spirit: How to Avoid Selfish Ambition in Our Work

How can you strike a balance between ambition and humility? Meryl Herr offers wisdom in this article at Made to Flourish. She writes,

When selfish ambition eclipses the more noble reasons for which we do our work, our tasks and relationships become more about us, advancing our name, image, and influence than humbly serving those to whom God has called us. Subtly, perhaps even unconsciously, we bring a less-than-holy angle to our work, an angle that puts our own glory ahead of God’s.

The Definable and Indefinable Nature of Art

Over at Christ and Pop Culture, K. B. Hoyle react’s to Martin Scorsese’s comments on Marvel superhero films and reflects on the nature of art. She writes,

All these struggles to define what art is really boil down to fear—a fear that elitism will strangle joy out of what it is we all enjoy consuming.

An Open Letter to Millennials Struggling to Adult in Ministry

Are you a millennial? If so, you may no longer be in the sidelines of ministry, but stepping into positions of leadership and responsibility. If that describes you, Marie Burrus offers a word of encouragement:

God will always be the greatest adult in the room. We can put our hope in and defer to Him on all matters. 

From our Sister Blogs

Intersect serves as the blog of the Center for Faith and Culture (CFC) at Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS). Take a few minutes to look at recent posts from our sister Centers:

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    Matt Rogers: “Clearly many in our society would not attribute those blessings to the hand of a benevolent God, but we who are in Christ know that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father.”

What other articles would you recommend?

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