#FaithandCulture Reading: Alt-Right, Negro Spirituals, Submitting to the Emperor, Reformation and Art

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Does God care about art? How should Christians think about the alt-right? What can we learn from the Negro Spirituals? And what does it look like for us to submit to the emperor?

Get answers to these questions and more from Bruce Ashford, Dante Stewart, Jason Thacker, Mike Cosper, Latifah Phillips, Jason Wright and Brittany Salmon in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

The Reformation, Vocation and the Importance of an Artist’s Craft

Over at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Jason Thacker interviews Mike Cosper, Latifah Phillips and Jason Wright about the Reformation, vocation and art. Here’s an excerpt:

What makes artists special is that they see the world through a different lens than most. At times it can feel like you don’t ‘fit the mold’ or that you’re not as valuable as those with more common, functional roles within the church. Your gift is a blessing, and you’ve been given those abilities to compliment those around you and bring glory to God. Read More>>

An Evangelical Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right

Bruce Ashford recently published a comprehensive, multi-part series that evaluates and critiques alt-right ideology. Ashford writes,

The alt-right movement is neither Christian nor conservative, but it claims to be conservative and often claims to be Christian. That fact, taken together with its emergence as a significant voice in American politics and public life, should cause Christians to educate themselves about the movement and be prepared to give a gospel-centered response. Read More>>

Revisiting the Theology of the Negro Spiritual

Dante Stewart reflects on the theology of Negro Spirituals in this article at Reformed African American Network. He writes,

The writers of these spirituals loved those good doctrines of God and his gospel. Out of their love of these truths came the understanding that the Christian life was to be lived in the context of suffering with a hope that rises above and goes through affliction. Read More>>

Honor the Emperor

Over at our sister blog Women’s LifeBrittany Salmon explains why and how God calls Christians to submit to the emperorShe writes,

The irony that feisty Peter is the one telling us to submit to authority is something that should give each of us hope. Over the years, the work of the Spirit had its way with Peter and that young guy whose mouth usually got ahead of him has matured into a man who is calling us to be holy as Christ is holy and to honor the emperor, as Christ gave himself up for us. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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