An Intersect List of Recommended Podcasts: Parenting, the SBC, Work, Diversity

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This summer, we’ve shared multiple summer reading lists — featuring recommendations from some of our contributors. (Read list 1list 2list 3list 4list 5 and list 6.)

Today, we change gears and feature our contributors favorite podcasts. This week, our contributors highlight podcasts on parenting, the SBC, work and diversity.

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Questions Kids Ask
with Mary Wiley

Brittany SalmonBrittany Salmon: Mary Wiley, the Women’s and Kids Book Strategist for the B&H Publishing Group, has launched a new podcast, Questions Kids Ask. This podcast is not only deeply needed, but fun and easy to listen to! In these short interviews (10-20 minutes, with most ranging around the 15 minute mark), Mary asks some of her favorite authors, pastors and Christian leaders hard theological questions that kids ask.

I have to be honest with you, I’m pretty picky about which podcasts I listen to but this is one that I absolutely love. William Ames’ definition of theology is “the doctrine or teaching of living to God,” and Mary’s podcast is an excellent resource for teaching your kids about how to understand doctrine and, as Ames would say, live to God. If you have kids and are needing a resource on how to talk to you kids about theology, check Questions Kids Ask out.

SBC This Week
with Amy Whitfield and Jonathan Howe

Jayson RoweJayson Rowe: SBC This Week is a podcast hosted by Amy Whitfield (Director of Communications at Southeastern) and Jonathan Howe (Director of Strategic Initiatives at Lifeway). If you want to have your finger on the pulse of the SBC, listen to this podcast!

Both Jonathan and Amy are passionate about the SBC, and do a great job of presenting a helpful weekly news roundup from around the SBC, and they often include interviews with many of today’s top leaders. Also, in each episode there is a blurb called “This Week in SBC History,” and Amy and Jonathan each pick a resource of the week which are always edifying.

Women’s Work
with Tsh Oxenreider

Brianna CopelandBrianna Copeland: This podcast shares the story of women and their work. God has gifted each person with particular talents, interests, personalities and opportunities that influence our passions and vocations, and this is something to be celebrated!

Tsh has covered vocations from “landscape architect” to “storytelling strategist” and everything in-between. I have enjoyed this show for the way it has introduced me to new things, deepened my appreciation for the gifts of others and reminded me of God’s involvement in our work.

Truth’s Table
with Michelle Higgins, Dr. Christina Edmondson and Ekemini Uwan

Matthew Mullins: The hosts of Truth’s Table do not shy away from controversial topics, and they frequently interview experts in various fields of study. They do an excellent job of challenging Christians to think well about what it means to live the faith in a complicated world.  


What podcasts are you listening to this summer?

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