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Ted Cabal: Will the Real Evangelical Evolutionist Please Stand Up?

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How old is the earth?

The answer to this question can be deeply divisive for many evangelicals. Some groups (like Answers in Genesis) advocate young-earth creationism. Other groups (like Reasons to Believe) support old-earth creationism. Still others (like Biologos) promote evolutionary creationism. Which view is correct?

As evangelicals debate this important topic, Ted Cabal has a pointed reminder: Beware friendly fire.

Cabal, Professor of Christian Apologetics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and general editor of The Apologetics Study Bible, recently spoke about this topic at Southeastern Seminary’s L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture.

You can read a recap of Dr. Cabal’s lecture. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The biggest danger in our circles today is what I call friendly fire. It’s where evangelicals, people who want to believe in Jesus, who want to be faithful to God and to truth in science, are shooting at themselves. And the fire can be intense. Friendly fire is when you want to shoot the enemy, and you accidentally shoot your own people.

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