Benjamin Quinn Named Director of L. Russ Bush Center For Faith and Culture

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Southeastern Seminary is excited to announce Benjamin Quinn as the new director of the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture (CFC), effective June 1. Quinn has taught at Southeastern since 2012 and currently serves as associate professor of theology and history of ideas. Since 2022 he has served as the associate director of the CFC.

“Dr. Quinn is the ideal successor to lead the CFC,” Provost Scott Pace commented, excited for the announcement. “His ability to engage cultural issues from a biblical and theologically informed perspective, coupled with his commitment to personally invest in students and equip local churches, will continue to expand the center’s  impact for the cause of Christ.”

Quinn’s predecessor, Ken Keathley, has faithfully served as the director of the CFC since 2012, playing a pivotal role in shaping its culture and mission to where it is today. Upon stepping down from this position, he is transitioning to the role of research professor.

Reflecting on Keathley’s leadership, Quinn stated, “For twelve years, Dr. Keathley has capably and wisely led the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture, helping students, staff, and churches think carefully about the relationship between our Christian confession and our life in the world. Through podcasts, blogs, lectures, and conferences, Dr. Keathley has served as a model of humility and charity. It has been an honor to serve with Dr. Keathley the past three years and an honor to carry on the important work of the CFC in the years ahead.”

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Listen to the latest Christ and Culture podcast, in which Dr. Keathley shares the news of his transition and announces Dr. Quinn as his successor.

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