5 of the Best Articles (so far) on Christianity and Coronavirus

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On a normal Fridays we collect a series of articles on faith and culture. But this has not been a normal week. The threat of coronavirus has forced us to make drastic changes, from school closures and event cancellations to quarantines.

In response, a wealth of helpful content has been published to help Christians think well about this pandemic. Today, we’ve collected a handful of articles we’ve found most helpful.

  • Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A Guide for Christian Leaders
    Andy Crouch at Medium: “This crisis presents an extraordinary opportunity to fortify small communities of love and care for our neighbors. That will only happen if we lead in a way that reduces fear, increases faith, and reorients all of us from self-protection to serving others.”
  • The FAQs: Coronavirus Explained by an Infectious Disease Expert and Pastor
    Miguel Núñez at The Gospel Coalition: “The world population seems to be in panic. But for Christians, it’s important to emphasize that there’s no reason to experience such anxiety. Especially when we consider that the God of the heavens and the earth is the same God who controls every microbe, atom, or molecule.”
  • Mission in the Age of Coronavirus
    Stephen Stallard at The CGCS: “The Coronavirus presents us with both a crisis and an opportunity. It is a temporal crisis that will no doubt pass. It is an opportunity to bear faithful witness to the lordship of Christ, which has eternal implications.”
  • The Church Must Be a Refuge in the Midst of Fear
    Lyman Stone at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission: “When each day brings new uncertainties and worries about how bad things will get, we must trust that God will give us enough grace for the day..”

From Intersect This Week

Here’s a list of the articles we published this week on coronavirus. If you missed one, now’s your time to catch up.

What other articles would you recommend?

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