Weekend Reading: Culture, Propaganda, and Bonhoeffer and the Black Church

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How is our culture different from others? Can art be a tool for propaganda? And what lessons can we learn from Bonhoeffer about the Black Church’s influence?

As you pause this weekend, we’ve collected three fascinating articles for your weekend reading.

3 Ways Our Culture Is Different from Every Other Culture in History

Gavin Ortlund identifies three unique ways that American culture is different than any other — and he proposes three gospel responses. Read more>>

“Transparent” and the Art of Propaganda Squads

Trevin Wax encourages to think critically about the art we consume. He writes:

Our society’s songs, movies, and books don’t just communicate a message; some of them they may actually be specifically designed to promote a political cause. The ability to recognize propaganda and analyze it from the lens of a biblical worldview is more necessary than ever before. Read More>>

It’s Not An(other’s) History

Devin Maddox reflects on lessons that Dietrich Bonhoeffer learned while he was stateside. In particular, he emphasizes that we all need to hear more stories of the black church:

I can’t help but feel like the wonderful stories about the powerful influence of the Black Church are not told often or loudly enough. If they are, I have suffered self-imposed poverty by not hearing them as often as my heart needs. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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