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Recommended Podcasts for a #FaithandCulture Summer

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In recent weeks, we’ve offered you suggestions for the perfect summer reading list. (Read the firstsecond, third and fourth lists of recommendations.)

This week, we’re changing things up with a list of recommended podcasts. Get podcast suggestions from Amy Whitfield, Laura Thigpen, Brianna Copeland, Topher Thomas and Nathaniel Williams — so you can have a #FaithandCulture summer.

with Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson

Amy WhitfieldAmy Whitfield: Persuasion is a podcast sponsored by the website Christ and Pop Culture. It is hosted by Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson, and they address cultural issues affecting evangelical women.

Their style is winsome and engaging, and they discuss timely topics. I always learn when I listen to their conversations.

The Briefing
with Albert Mohler

Topher ThomasTopher Thomas: I’m a podcast fiend, and a stand-out for me is Al Mohler’s The Briefing. I listen to it on my commute to work every morning.

His analysis of current events from a Christian worldview prepare his listeners on a daily basis to engage with the secular world and speak the light of Christ into a dark lost world.

Cultivated: Conversations about Faith and Work
with Mike Cosper

Nathaniel Williams: In each episode of Cultivated, Mike Cosper invites Christian thinkers, artists, musicians and writers to discuss work, culture and faith. The first season featured stellar interviews with Andy Crouch, Propaganda, Jackie Hill Perry, Gabe Lyons, Alissa Wilkinson and more.

While Cultivated is informative, it’s also a joy to listen to. And that’s where this podcast stands out. Mike Cosper is a gifted storyteller, the theme song is catchy, and the tone and feel of the podcast is superb. Cultivated is a must-listen.

Seeing and Believing
with Wade Bearden and Kevin McLenithan

Laura ThigpenLaura Thigpen: This is a Christ and Pop Culture podcast where two gentlemen discuss and critique movies. Listening to them discuss how films and faith intersect has helped me improve my own film-critiquing skills.

In our culture, we’re all about mindless entertainment — turning off our brains and vegging on screens. But this podcast reminds us that we should critically engage our entertainment. I don’t always agree with their assessments, or even their preferences in movies, but in order to disagree well I have to be able to formulate and articulate my reasons why. This podcast is a helpful tool to do so.

Risen Motherhood
with Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen

Brianna CopelandBrianna Copeland: This podcast is hosted by two sisters-in-law who tackle many diverse topics of mothering, parenting and serving.

What I love and value about this podcast, even as I am not yet a mother, is how shaping their conversations are to my perspective of the home and children. Every conversation is centered around the gospel and how Jesus Christ makes a difference in our every day work.

[Editor’s Note: The following podcasts may not have made the list, but they still deserve a listen: Kingdom Diversity with Maliek Blade, The Calling with Richard Clark and Pass the Mic with Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns.]

What podcasts are you listening to this summer?

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