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Andrew Walker, Ben Mitchell and Mark Liederbach on “Humanity in Crisis”

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What is humanity? What does it mean to be human? The answers to these simple questions have become increasingly complex in recent years. As a result, notes Dr. Bruce Little, “Humanity is in crisis.”

The Schaeffer Society of Southeastern Seminary (SEBTS) recently hosted an event, “Humanity in Crisis,” to discuss these important topics. The event featured presentations from Dr. Mark Liederbach of SEBTS, Dr. Andrew Walker of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and Dr. Ben Mitchell of Union University. The presenters discussed topics ranging from philosophy to transgenderism.

Watch the video above. Below are a handful of excerpts, edited for clarity.

Everybody has a worldview. The problem is that not everybody knows what theirs is.

Mark Liederbach on worldview.

“Everybody has a worldview. The problem is that not everybody knows what theirs is.”

Andrew Walker on the inherent conflicts within the transgender ideology.

“Once you work [the transgender movement’s] conclusions to their logical end, it leads to levels of absurdity….

“One example of the conflict inherent within the transgender worldview is to consider the Women’s March. Many of us are familiar with this Women’s March which happens in DC in January. Controversy arose when transgender activists claimed they were discriminated against because the March’s infamous symbol (and I’m not going to repeat what that hat is, but we all know the typical hat that’s worn at the Women’s March) was discriminatory to transgender women (who are biological males) because that hat reduces womanhood to a biological marker, such as one’s genitalia. So there’s internal conflict and tension. Because, as we’re told in the age we live in, some men have uteruses, and some men do not. This is common language we’re being told to accept and adopt.”

Andrew Walker on the rise of the TERFS (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists)

“This is a group who claim that transgenderism erases women. This is because feminism presupposes that an objective, authentic womanhood actually exists. It’s hard to posit any meaningful idea of feminism when feminism is emptied of any innate feminine trait. So the transgender movement cannot countenance such an idea as feminism because it views gender as nothing more than a disembodied social construct and a product of psychological identity.”

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