Prayers for Reconciliation in a Broken and Fractured World

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In 2015, Dr. Daniel Akin led Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in a time of scripture reading and prayer for racial reconciliation, healing and the police community.

Those who read and prayed included Dr. Daniel Akin, James White, Rease Wilson, Krystal Wilson, Dr. Brent Aucoin, Jesse Parker, Dr. Al Fulwood, Dr. Edgar Aponte, Mike Lawson, Maliek Blade and Dr. Tracy McKenzie

These passages and prayers are more important now than ever.

Here are some key highlights:

On reconciliation.
“Ours is a broken world and a fractured world. It is a world in desperate need of reconciliation. And of course the most important reconciliation is that which we have with God. But apart from reconciliation with God, we will never see reconciliation within ourselves and among ourselves.”

Reconciliation won’t happen in our land until it happens in our churches.

On why the church must lead.
“It has become even more evident in these recent days that our nation still has a long way to go when it comes to racial understanding and racial reconciliation and ethnic affirmation to one another.

“But I’m also convinced that will never happen in our land until it happens in our churches. And it is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, that needs to step up in this particular time, and lead the way, and show the way forward through the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

On the need to pray for law enforcement.
“In the midst of all that is happening, we do not want to lose sight of the fact that many lives have been impacted by this — which includes the lives of police officers as well. We also want to be crystal-clear that we love and thank God for those he calls to this noble assignment, and we are grateful that so many of them put their lives on the line every single day and render excellent, noble service. If we ever lose sight of that, then we truly are blind to the realities of sin and all that it afflicts on our world.

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