4 Reasons You Must Attend the 2016 ERLC National Conference

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American culture is in crisis. Whether it is the latest comments by a presidential frontrunner or the most recent stories in the news, evangelicals are confronted by a culture that is increasingly hostile to the gospel.

So, what does it look like to engage the culture as Christians without losing the gospel? How can Christians apply the gospel to everyday life? Believers must be equipped to take the unchanging truths of the Bible and engage the shifting culture around us.

Join us for the 3rd annual ERLC National Conference on the theme “Onward” so you can be prepared for gospel-centered cultural engagement. On August 25-26, this event will welcome key speakers including Russell Moore, Matt Chandler, Bruce Ashford, Andy Crouch, Bryan Loritts, Andy Stanley, Jackie Hill-Perry, Gabe Lyons, and many more.

Through plenaries, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, this conference will equip you to apply the gospel to many aspects of cultural engagement: pop culture, the arts, politics, sports, race, sexuality, parenting, millennials, and everyday life.

Here are four reasons you must attend the 2016 ERLC National Conference:

1. You can save 20% on conference registration.

As an Intersect exclusive, you can save 20% on the conference registration. Simply use the code SEBTS16 when you register to save 20% off the normal registration cost.

2. You can hear Dr. Bruce Ashford talk faith and politics.

Dr. Ashford has written extensively about politics in his book One Nation Under Godand on FoxNews.com, on his own website and here on Intersect. At the ERLC National Conference, he’ll dive further into this timely topic in a plenary panel.

3. You can receive course credit for THE7920.

Dr. Bruce Ashford and Dr. Keith Whitfield will teach a class for credit at the conference. (Learn more about Southeastern’s Conference classes.)

4. You can get FREE Intersect books.

When you’re at the conference, swing by the Southeastern booth to learn more about Intersect. Sign up for our email newsletter, and you can pick up a FREE copy of Every Square Inch, Every Waking Hour or Every Good Thing.



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Simply use the code SEBTS16 to get 20% off the 2016 ERLC National Conference.

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