Weekend Reading: Fourth of July, Abortion, Culture Wars, and Appealing Morality

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When did churches start celebrating the Fourth of July? Should you care about what’s going on at Biola? Can Christians have a counterintuitive appeal to a secular world?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Thomas Kidd, Samuel D. James and Trevin Wax in today’s Weekend Reading.

When Did Churches Start Celebrating the Fourth of July?

Many churches have “God and country” services near the Fourth of July. In this article, Thomas Kidd explores when this practice began, and he offers practical tips for addressing this holiday with wisdom from the pulpit.

The fact that patriotic services have deep historical roots in America is significant. As believers, we are always located in a certain time and place, and patriotism can be a valuable thing. But for a Christian, patriotism can only be a second-order good. It needs to be placed in its proper context. Let’s not confuse patriotism with worship. Read More>>

What the Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Means

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas abortion restrictions. Russell Moore offers a gospel perspective on this decision.

The Supreme Court today has taken a stand on the wrong side of justice, the wrong side of human dignity, and the wrong side of the gospel. The church must stand ready to receive more refugees from the Sexual Revolution’s broken promises and shattered hopes. For them, we have a better word than any court could give. Read More>>

Biola, Conscience and the Culture War

California’s Biola University now finds itself arguing for its right to be evangelical, says Samuel D. James from the ERLC.

What is ultimately at issue is not whether couples of the same-sex can live together on a college campus. The ultimate question is whether any institution—whether Biola or Boyce Bible College—may attempt to shape the consciences of her students in ways that run afoul of a very modern, very Western sociopolitical “norm.” Read More>>

The Counterintuitive Appeal of Christian Morality in a 21st Century World

“Adapt or die.” That’s the message being shouted at Evangelicals who retain a biblical morality in an increasingly secular world. But Trevin Wax says retaining a biblical ethic will make Christians “an attractive moral minority.”

As the Sexual Revolution wreaks havoc in the lives of people around us, we have the opportunity to proclaim the Scripture’s moral clarity — not as a barrier to the faith, but as the beacon of light in a morally chaotic world. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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