Weekend Reading: Donald Trump, The Election and You

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One person is dominating media coverage, political discourse and dinner-table conversations: Donald Trump. What should we think about his candidacy — and what it portends for Evangelicals, political parties and the nation?

You’ll have to answer those questions for yourself. But in today’s “Weekend Reading,” we offer four perspectives from Bruce Ashford, Ivan Spencer, Trevin Wax and Russell Moore.

Should conservative Evangelicals consider voting for a third party candidate?

With Donald Trump on the way to being the Republican nominee, should Evangelicals consider supporting a third-party candidate? Bruce Ashford argues yes, in an op-ed for FoxNews.com.

Third-party candidacies or not, the 2016 election cycle offers evangelicals something infinitely more significant than an attractive presidential candidate: it reminds us that we should be very wary of forming unhealthy and uncritical long-term alliances with political parties and platforms. And it gives us the opportunity to find our voice again, rather than having it controlled by the power-brokers of a single political party. Read More>>

Plato’s Republic, American Democracy, and Donald Trump

Over at Between the Times, Southeastern’s Ivan Spencer contributed a compelling piece that offers a historical and philosophical background for the Trump phenomenon.

Whatever your opinion of Trump’s rise to popularity, this phenomenon commands attention and provokes a response. How could someone with his traits and history persuade teeming masses of Americans? Plato explained this 2,400 years ago in his magnum opus, The RepublicRead More>>

“I Don’t Feel At Home In the Republican Party Anymore”

Many who are discontent with Trump are also discontent with the Republican Party as a whole. If that’s you, Trevin Wax offers encouragement:

The main reason we should not feel ‘at home’ in a political party is because we already belong to a political society. It’s called the Church. It transcends national borders and breaks down worldly barriers. There, we don’t vote for a president; we bow before a King. Read More>>

Podcast: What’s Happening to Values Voters?

Why is Trump leading with self-described devout Christians? Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, stopped by NPR’s “To the Point” to address this question. Listen to the Podcast>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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