Intersect: Celebrating 5 Years of Reconnecting Faith and Culture

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On November 17, 2015, the Intersect Project blog quietly launched with a mission to help everyday Christians connect faith with the rest of their lives.

Today, we celebrate our 5th anniversary.

Over the years, we’ve published countless articles, videos, resources, interviews and more on topics ranging from the pro-life cause and work to Sim City and role-playing games. Along the way, we’ve aspired to offer thoughtful commentary on difficult topics. We’ve shared some of Southeastern Seminary’s best content to a wider audience. We’ve had plenty of fun.

And we’re not done. We’ll to continue to deliver informative articles, eye-opening podcasts, and other resources to help you connect faith to every aspect of your life.

Intersect: By the Numbers

  • 988,000 — pageviews
  • 1,226 — pieces of content
  • 958 — articles
  • 205 — videos
  • 180 — contributors
  • 27 — book reviews
  • 25 — interviews
  • 11 — podcast episodes

The Most Accessed Content

  1. What Would Really Happen if We Defunded Planned Parenthood and Ended Abortion? by Ashley Gorman
  2. Was Jesus Rich or Poor — and Why Does It Matter? by Dr. David W. Jones
  3. The Problems with Marxist Socialism by Dr. Bruce Ashford
  4. What Did Jesus Really Teach about Wealth and Poverty? by Dr. David W. Jones
  5. Why Do We Go to Church? by Nicholas Dawson
  6. “Homosexuality Is a Sin to Be Mortified, Not a Behavior to Be Modified”: Rosaria Butterfield on Sexual Orientation featuring Dr. Rosaria Butterfield
  7. Are Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity Compatible? featuring Dr. Neil Shenvi
  8. To Tithe or Not to Tithe? A New Testament Guide to Generous Giving by Dr. David W. Jones
  9. Christian, Take Care of Your Body by Jeremy Bell
  10. Parents, Stop Idolizing Your Children by Jeremy Bell

We’re grateful for each of our contributors, who have made Intersect possible. And we’re also grateful for you, reader, for joining us on this journey!

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