#FaithandCulture Reading: Religious Liberty, Sabbath Rest, Gender Pronouns and Living Your Faith at Home

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What’s the end goal of religious liberty? Why is sabbath rest so important? Are gender pronouns important? How can we avoid the sin of self-interest? And where is the front lines of Christian living?

Get thoughtful responses to these questions from Jason G. Duesing, Karen Swallow Prior, Hugh Whelchel, Ernest Cleo Grant II and Chap Bettis in today’s #FaithandCulture Reading.

The End of Religious Liberty?

Jason G. Duesing reflects on religious liberty’s true end and its end goal. He writes,

Paul and Silas were misrepresented, imprisoned unjustly, and robbed of their freedoms, but they did not despair. Instead, entrusting themselves to their faithful Creator, they looked and sang to God knowing their captivity was temporary, even if it should lead to death. Why did they sing? They sang to God about God to find strength in God. Read More>>

Work Is Not Your Life: Why Sabbath Rest Is Essential

Hugh Whelchel, of The Institute of Faith, Work and Economics, reminds us that we all need sabbath rest. He writes,

Today, culture teaches that work is an end in itself. It is what supplies identity and meaning to our lives by maximizing success and money through our labor. Therefore, our work is never done, and the constant drive to prove ourselves destroys our ability to find rest. Read More>>

Let’s Not Throw “She” and “He” Out With the Grammatical Bathwater

In ongoing cultural conversations about transgender issues and gender dysphoria, many voices are encouraging us to change how we use the English language. Karen Swallow Prior addresses this debate in this article at Think Christian. She writes,

We should take great pause before we let the exception become the rule, whether in matters of gender or grammar. Read More>>

The Sin of Self-Interest

Do you treat people differently depending on what they can do for you? Ernest Cleo Grant II confronts this “sin of self-interest” in this article at the Reformed African American Network. He writes,

Selfishness fails to balance our concern for others and robs us of being contributing members of God’s community. It creates spiritual blind spots that centralize our affairs and minimizes the issues of others. Read More>>

Home Is the Front Lines of Christian Living

Over at The Gospel Coalition, Chap Bettis reminds us that home is the first — and perhaps hardest — place to live out God’s grace. He writes,

My first field of service is my home. My wife and children are my nearest neighbors, and Jesus commands me to love my neighbor. Home is the first place I’m called to display the love of Christ. How I act there matters to God. Read More>>

What are you reading this weekend?

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