Jonathan Darville: Set the Little Ones Free

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What does it mean to be human? Are we accidents, illusions, or masterpieces? And what does this question have to do with the topic of abortion?

Jonathan Darville darville addresses these questions and more in this video, “Set the Little Ones Free.” In it, he explains that “we have worth because we are the treasured possessions of a divine artisan.” Watch the video above.

Tragically, the womb, the natural place of nurture for a fetus, has been transformed into nothing less than a noose.

You can also read the article version of this talk — along with 3 follow-up FAQ on this important topic:

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Jonathan Darville

Jonathan Darville is a former Global Master Trainer with The Center for Leadership Studies and Co-Leader of the New York branch of Models for Christ (an international non-profit bringing the gospel to the fashion industry). Due to a decade-plus long battle with chronic illness, Jonathan has recently stepped away from work to focus on his health. During this time, he is freelance writing to stay connected with the ministry of the Church. Jonathan and his wife, Jillian, live in North Carolina.

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