The 10 Most Prolific Intersect Contributors (so far)

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The Intersect Project blog launched four years ago. This week, we celebrated 1000 Intersect posts with a giveaway and a list of the 10 most read articles of all time.

Publishing 1000 articles doesn’t just happen by accident. The only reason we’ve published so much content is because of our writers. Talented, thoughtful writers have carved out time from their busy schedules to write for us, and doing so is a sacrifice. These writers rarely get the thanks they deserve.

Today, though, I’d like to change that. I dug into the numbers to discover the 10 most prolific Intersect writers — those who have contributed to Intersect the most. To simplify things, I excluded myself (the editor) and Southeastern Seminary professors, but I included those students, alumni, and friends of the Seminary who have sacrificed their own time to write.

So, with that caveat aside, here are the 10 most prolific Intersect contributors (so far).

Doug Ponder

Doug is an immensely bright writer, pastor and thinker. He skillfully brings clarity, nuance and his trademark wit to complex topics. He’s written on everything from Waffle House and gluten to Marie Kondō and Anthony Bourdain. His articles are legitimate must-reads.

Alysha Clark

When I need someone to write a book review, Alysha is the first person who comes to mind. Alysha is a voracious reader, and she always helpfully summarizes and critiques the books she reads. I also particularly appreciate her articles on introversion and being a perfectionist.

Andrew J. Spencer

Andrew was one of the first Intersect contributors, and he’s both a sharp theologian and brilliant engineer. He is one of the best at clearly explaining and critiquing economic principles from a faith perspective. For example, he’s written about universal basic income and the ethics of paying taxes.

Jonathan Darville

Jonathan is a personal hero. No joke. Jonathan has endured so many health concerns and immense suffering, some of which he addressed in this powerful talk last year. Yet despite his suffering, he continues to be a fountain of encouragement — and his writing is clear and enjoyable. Check out his articles on loneliness, abortion and food, and say a prayer for him as well.

Laura Thigpen

Laura is another of the earliest Intersect contributors, and her quality work helped us establish our tone and willingness to tackle hard topics. Everything she writes is powerful — whether she’s exploring miscarriage, grief or her family’s adoption journey.

Brittany Salmon

Brittany, like Laura, has written extensively on the pro-life cause and adoption — even (especially) the hard parts. Again, I appreciate Brittany’s willingness to address difficult topics at the intersection of faith, family and race. And her glowing review of Every Moment Holy was so persuasive that I bought a copy for our family.

Christy Britton

The highest compliment I can pay Christy is that her writing has made me more empathetic. Whether she’s describing life after a hurricane, human trafficking or poverty, I finish reading her articles with a deeper conviction and care for the subjects she describes.

Cas Monaco

I knew Cas long before she wrote for Intersect; she and I once shared a Greek class at Southeastern Seminary. I’m thankful she was willing to write for Intersect, especially when we were trying to get started. I so appreciate her zeal for the Great Commission, and her article on the Incarnation is one of my favorites each Christmas.

Jeremy Bell

Jeremy and I are both pastors in the Carolinas, and we’re both husbands and fathers. Jeremy has written some stellar articles over the years — on everything from not idolizing your chidren to how churches should think through the topic of homosexuality. I’m grateful for his contributions to Intersect.

Sara Beth Fentress

Sara Beth is the founder of a non-profit organization, so how she finds time to write for Intersect is beyond me! But in addition to writing, Sara Beth has shown a desire to learn and grow as a writer and editor. Her reflections on singleness are top-notch.

This post doesn’t permit me the space to thank every contributor. But I am immensely grateful for each and every one of them — for they have made Intersect into what it is today.

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Nathaniel D. Williams

Editor and Content Manager

Nathaniel D. Williams (M.Div, Southeastern Seminary) oversees the website, podcast and social media for the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture, and he serves as the pastor of Cedar Rock First Baptist Church. His work has appeared at Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Fathom Mag, the ERLC and He and his family live in rural North Carolina.

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