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Benjamin Quinn: 3 Movies on Faith and Work for Your Summer Viewing List

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What does God have to do with your work? How can you connect Sunday with Monday?

There’s a growing body of resources to help you answer these questions. Walter Strickland recently compiled a list of books to add to your summer reading list. Today, I’d like to recommend some movies to add to your summer viewing list.

1. For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles

Directed by Eric Johnson and David Michael Phelps (Grand Rapids: Acton Institute, 2015)

This seven-episode DVD looks at how to contribute to the life of the world in prosperity and flourishing, and it explains your place in the mission of God.


2. The Call of the Entrepreneur

Directed by Simon Scionka (Acton Media, 2007)

This documentary about three entrepreneurs shows how to view the role of entrepreneurs in the economy and in the world.


3.Work and Worship: Connecting Sunday to Monday

Free class featuring Benjamin Quinn and Walter Strickland

Okay, so this isn’t a movie per se. But this free online class does give video lectures in which Walter Strickland and I challenge you to consider how Christ’s lordship extends beyond the walls of the church and into every realm of life, including the work of your hands.

What resources would you recommend?

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Benjamin Quinn

Associate Professor of Theology and History of Ideas

Dr. Quinn is an Assistant Professor of Theology and History of Ideas. He also serves as the Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness for the College at Southeastern. He is the co-author of Every Waking Hour.

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