Unearthing the Unique Missional Possibilities of Your Work

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by Benjamin T. Quinn & Walter R. Strickland II

How can you leverage your work for the glory of God?

When we wrote Every Waking Hour, one of our aims was to help readers connect the dots between their faith and their work. Along the way, we framed a biblical worldview encompassing the whole of God’s world, including the workplace.

However, our efforts in this book are only the beginning of the conversation. We neither know the specifics of every job, nor are we experts in every (any!) job. So what more have we to offer?

In this post, we would like to move from the sweeping concept of worldview to specific questions about work. We designed these questions to stir your imagination to creatively connect your faith to the specifics of your work.

We don’t intend for answering these questions to be a rigid science, but rather an art that helps you unearth the unique missional possibilities of your work. Although they are helpful for an individual, the best results are likely to emerge from a Spirit-filled community of workers in similar fields of work.

The Nuts and Bolts of Your Job

  1. What are the details of your job description?
  2. Do you execute the responsibilities in your job description faithfully and with excellence? How?
  3. Where is your job located on the organizational chart?
  4. What does considering the interests of others above your own (Philippians 2:3) look like in your role? What about for those below, above, and beside you on the organizational chart?

Your Job’s Place in the World

  1. What is the mission (or goal) of your company, and how does your job contribute to those objectives?
  2. How can you build camaraderie at work by helping others understand their work in light of the company’s overall mission?
  3. How does your job and organization fit into the web of relationships we call the economy?
  4. How does your work contribute to flourishing in God’s world (providing food, electricity, education, etc.)?

Theological Integration

  1. Which of the four human relationships are prominent in your work (God, others, self or creation)?
  2. How has the fall affected your work? (Consider the four relationships above.)
  3. How might you work to redirect sin’s effects?
  4. Do you detect injustices in your workplace? How might you advocate for justice and righteousness in a wise and loving way?
  5. What theological themes are prominent in your work?
  6. How does Scripture inform the values of your work?

As you answer the questions, you will hopefully see how your work is about more than a paycheck; it offers you an opportunity to glorify God and serve your neighbors.

This post is a modified excerpt of Every Waking Hour. Learn more>>

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Walter R. Strickland II

Dr. Strickland is Associate Vice President for Kingdom Diversity. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Systematic and Contextual Theology. He is the co-author of Every Waking Hour.

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