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Thursday, March 14th at 7:00pm: Carver-Barnes Lecture with Dr. Eric Johnson in Eitel Auditorium (Jacumin-Simpson)

Dr. Johnson will be speaking on Christian Scholarship and Sola Scriptura.  This lecture will take place in Eitel Auditorium.  Dr. Johnson received the Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University in 1992. He taught psychology for 10 years at Northwestern University in Minnesota, but he is currently the Lawrence and Charlotte Hoover Professor of Pastoral Care at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he has taught counseling for 14 years.

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Friday, March 29th at 6:30pm: Schaeffer Society Lecture in the CFC Seminar Room (Patterson Hall 223)

The Schaeffer Society and the CFC invite you to an evening lecture on Humanity in Crisis.  This lecture will include 25 minute presentations from Ben Mitchell, Andrew Walker and Mark Liederbach. The evening will end with a Panel Q&A Time that is moderated by Dr. Bruce Little.

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Tuesday, April 2nd at 7:00pm: CFC Lecture with Dr. Leonardo De Chirico in the CFC Seminar Room (Patterson Hall 223)

Dr. Chirico is the pastor of Breccia di Roma, a church that he helped plant in Rome in 2009, and Vice Chairman of the Italian Evangelical Alliance. His PhD is from King’s College (London); it was published as Evangelical Theological Perspectives on Post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism (2003). In 2015, he published A Christian Pocket Guide to Papacy through Christian Focus. He is a lecturer of historical theology at Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione in Padova, Italy. Additionally, Leonardo is the director of the Reformanda Initiative, which aims to equip evangelical leaders to better understand and engage with Roman Catholicism, and the leader of the Rome Scholars Network (RSN).

July 15-31st: Oxford Study Tour