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Responding to a “Dizzying” New Reality | Keith Whitfield’s Summer Reading Recommendations

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As summer begins, we want to help you craft the perfect Summer Reading List. We asked Southeastern Seminary professors what books they would recommend, and we’ll share their recommendations in coming weeks.

Today, Dr. Keith Whitfield recommends two books for your summer reading list.

The Multi-Directional Leader Responding Wisely to Challenges from Every Side
By Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition, 2021)

Whitfield: In recent years, we’ve watched as the challenges and threats that pastors and church leaders face appear to hit from every direction. We’ve become accustomed to think that the dangerous only emerge from one side. This new reality is dizzying.

Trevin’s new little book provides a prophetic and pastoral guide for how to navigate wisely the cultural headwinds, crosswinds and tailwinds confronting the church. He deals with issues, but not primarily to tell us what is the right way to think about them. He does so to demonstrate more importantly how best to navigate them for the spiritual formation and public witness of those we lead. 

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
By Neil Postman (Penguin Books, 2005)

Whitfield: Amusing Ourselves to Death was originally published in 1985, but it was written for our day. In this book, Postman was prophetic on how an entertainment-saturated culture would impact individual development and social interactions. He wrote the book to help people see what was coming. The book is still valuable for understanding how society became what it has become.

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