Science and technology surround us. They influence how people inside and outside of the church approach the world. All too often, science is seen to challenge Christian faith. But is there a way science can be used in service of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the work of His church?

Join us February 3, 2023, during the Exploring Personhood conference on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC for a Science for the Church workshop addressing how science and scientists benefit the church.

At this workshop, hosted by Science for the Church in partnership with the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture, we will share lessons learned from working with nearly 100 ministries who have intentionally partnered with scientists to do the work of the church. SEBTS professor and pastor, Benjamin Quinn, will join California Baptist University psychologist, Erin Smith, to model how the church can benefit from a healthy dialogue with science.

This workshop occurs during meal breaks for the Exploring Personhood conference and includes both breakfast and lunch.

Note: Registration for the Science for the Church workshop is an “add-on” ticket to the Exploring Personhood conference. Registrants will also receive Science for the Church’s weekly newsletter and a free guide on engaging science in the local church.